Stockholm + online

1 december, 2022

Ayurveda, Energy & Consciousness
with Dr. Sangeeta and yogamaster Ulrica Norberg

DATE: 1-4 dec, 2022 Thursday to Saturday 9-17 Sunday 8-15
CATION: Livestream + studio in Stockholm
PRICE: 5700 sek

In this 30 hr immersion for yoga teachers, we will focus on how, and ways to fill oneself up with prana, life force. How we can learn to understand our needs and ways to bring back sattvic balance, homeostasis, into our systems.

This immersion will begin with covering various aspects on prana, what our consciousness is and ideas around our energetic alignment. Then we dive deeper into Ayurveda and look into more clinical aspects on Ayurveda like digestion, the importance of breath for the nervous system, mind and spirit.

Ulrica will cover the aspect and importance of Energetic Alignment in healing and balancing oneself. Lana will deepen your knowledge of clever Ayurvedic tools, how to understand imbalances and ways to help to sustain them and create a better atmosphere both inside and outside of ourselves. Since the goal is to live fuller, freer and with greater resilience.

TOPICS: Clinical Ayurveda Energetic Alignment Somatic Consciousness Conscious living Pranic foods – The Art of Healing Eating. Food as medicine Digestion- Ojas, Ama, Tejas Auyrvedic pranayama Therapeutic pranayama Ayurvedic asana. 
Prior to the start, you will be given a handout and reading list to support your learning. After finishing, you receive a certificate of 30 hr Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit.


PREREQUISITES: 200 hr Yoga teacher training and a well rounded knowledge of pranayama and foundation knowledge of Ayurveda.


Dr. Sangeeta Balakrishnan is a certified Ayurvedic doctor based in Stockholm, Sweden. 
Ulrica Norberg  has 30 years experience from yoga practice, 25 years teaching experience and she is an active yoga advocate. Ulrica is an initiated Yoga Master, yoga therapist, breath coach, life coach with a special interest in energy management and healing.